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Signage appraisal and consultancy

Officeart offers complete signage and displays consultancy service, including site audits, design, implementation, and analysis. Signage is all around us. It is designed to communicate clear messages, direct stakeholders, keep people safe or, most importantly empower potential clients to approach your business. Getting it right is balancing marketing demands, aesthetics, cost efficiency, and compliance. Our team can develop strategies to achieve the best result without stretching available resources. We can advise and assess materials, recommend eco-friendly options with significantly less carbon footprint and optimise outcomes.

Graphic and manufacturing design

Our signs are designed to adhere to the highest quality and safety standards.

After your initial brief, we will undertake a site audit to gain a thorough and complete knowledge of any constraints within the environment.

Our knowledge of inclusive design can be utilised in the appraisal of new works at the design stage. Our team will put forward a detailed manufacturing proposal, including visuals, renders, CAD drawings, and specification of materials.

More so, we will develop a safe work procedure and coordinate directly with your lead on the ground to install the signs at a time convenient for you.

From inception to the final installation of your signage solution, our end-to-end approach will ensure your project is compliant, on brand, on time, and on budget.

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Project Management

Our vision is centered on client retention, quality materials, and excellent service delivery. If you choose Office Art, you’ll have access to a full range of service:

  • Design and ideation
  • Innovative manufacturing
  • Project planning
  • Bylaw compliance
  • Logistic, procurements
  • Nationwide delivery via our accredited network of installers and sub-contractors

We take pride in effectively managing each signage project, liaising with councils where needed, coordinate with third parties, monitor delivery on time and within budgets.

Our business is built on offering a hassle-free experience with no hidden costs.

Service and maintenance

Officeart is about building a durable and strong relationship with our clients.

We love to be part of your journey, whatever that means – new signage or simply looking and preserving what you’ve already got in place.

We understand the long-time value of a client, and like everything else, the signage needs maintenance, cleaning, updating.

Lack of maintenance or weather conditions can ruin a sign. Therefore, part of our standard service is checking sealants, screws, do small touch-ups and wash and clean the signage periodically. This ensures the colors are kept vibrant and eye-catching.

Keep your signage relevant

Updating the signage is a must for directory boards in lobby areas or outside buildings.

We answer all request promptly and carry out the work without delays. And… we’ll do a quick service while on site! (bonus)

We aim to offer excellent customer service, with maintenance support that does not need to cost boutique prices.