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Whether you want to showcase your logo and brand or simply promote a product or special, there is an exterior sign for all your needs

Signs and banners come in many different forms, materials, shapes, and sizes. Building or fascia sign are most likely the first image your stakeholders will see when visiting your premises. It can be placed above the door, on the side of the building, under veranda, or on the roof. At Officeart we believe that the outdoor signage should match the business acumen and offerings, it should be honest and set the correct expectation. We are happy to help you navigate through the myriad of types of signage.

ACM is a widely used aluminium composite material for outdoor signage

Using our team’s technical skills, we can construct an exterior sign that is suited to you and portray a professional image. This substrate can be cut to shape to make your logo stand out on the fascia panel. It can be folded and fabricated into various forms. It comes painted and rated for up to 10 years of exterior use. It is the material of choice of most sign writers when building signage. It goes nicely on the timber frame, it allows to create straight, tidy corners.

Most of our exterior signage is made from ACM; this is not to say we won’t delve into wood, aluminium, or flex face signs. We’re also happy to update and sign write your existing plywood fascia.

Pole Signs

Pole signs, also known as plinth sign or pylons represents an important element in terms of street signage with good visibility for pedestrian and motorized traffic.

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