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Neon signs are the hallmark of a successful business

Neon signs are a veritable staple of outdoor advertising with a timeless style.
Despite being more expensive than other types of signage, businesses worldwide saw the incredible visual impact and used them to keep ahead of the competition. Nothing can replace the glow of a neon sign and how it brightens the streets while marketing businesses’ offerings and services.

Neon signs are a part of the 20th century history or its place in signage history

The word neon comes from the Greek “neos” meaning “new gas”, referring to the rare gaseous element discovered by William Ramsey and M. W. Travers in 1898 in London.

Georges Claude, an engineer and chemist, thought to fill a Geissler tube with neon and apply an electrical discharge to create a lamp. After displaying the first neon lamp to the public in 1910 in Paris, the French inventor patented the neon lighting tube in 1915 under U.S. Patent 1,125,476.

Georges Claude went on to introduce the neon signs in 1923 when his French company Claude Neon sold 2 signs reading “Packard”. That was the start of a glorious time for neon lighting. It quickly became popular, with bright neon signs above the entrance of any business, from a car dealership to a humble car wash, from a nightclub to a hotdog stall. In US, the streets were filled with what was dubbed “liquid fire” signs as they were visible in daylight and night-time and made people stop and stare.

Even though its golden age is gone, the bright glow of neon remains a part of the signage industry. Neon look-alike colours can be found in printed graphics design and new emerging technologies like LEDs neon rope.

Nowadays, there are off-the-shelf, ready-made neon signs to serve private functions and events, or display open -close, or mark Caffe, Bars, Hairdressers etc.

They are widely used in architectural lighting, interior wall art and decoration. Or we can help you create a unique image with a customised neon sign. Just tell us your idea, we’ll light it up!

Officeart offers  24 months warranty on all our neon work

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