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Footpath signs I Pavement Signs I People Stopper

Whatever name you choose to use, these are easy to move around and set up mobile signs. They are also very efficient to attract pedestrian traffic to your shop.

A familiar presence is the 4mm ACM panel router cut to shape to fit a polyethene base. It is lightweight, while extra stability can be obtained by filling the base with water or sand.

The hinged “A” frame is another common occurrence, whether it comes as the classic metallic A-frame or the new modern PVC one.

All Pavement signs are excellent substrates for both, vinyl cut graphics and digitally printed graphics.

We can add extra features such as whiteboard or blackboard films to enable the customer to have change¬able messages.

Directory Boards

Any wayfinding or directory board enquiry is an opportunity to create unique, bespoke signage that adds value to your office, reception, lobby, main entrance, staff room, store or yard.

Durable and eye-catching designs come alive through various designs and materials. From a slick engraved acrylic plate to laser cut metallic letters, Officeart wayfinding system ensures that visitors, employees, or patrons find their way safely and hassle-free. Multi-level panels, colours, textures, or different gloss levels are just some of the means we employ to create an exclusive, unique look, while clearly communicating names, locations, amenities, exits and other general safety information.

Whether you need advice or have a vision in mind, connect with us at [email protected] and we’ll use our know-how to come up with a practical sign solution that pleases the eyes.