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The chalkboard or blackboard are never out of fashion

This instant classic, alongside its modern version of whiteboard’ is still being used nowadays. They are perfect for creating easy-to-change displays and come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Blackboards can be put in wooden frames, hung to walls, added to click frames, displayed in window shops, or used as pavement signs.

Instantly Changeable

Perfect for cafes, restaurants and pubs, our chalkboards, blackboards or whiteboards can be used with liquid chalk pens for an instantly changeable display.

Easy to customise

Marketing is essential – a strong brand presence is a sign of strong business.
Ensure your company’s logo, offer and contact info are permanently displayed with our cut vinyl and full colour printed headers.

Frame Options

We have various frame options, from wood to plastic or aluminium click frame. Just tell us a little about your business and we’ll find a frame to fit your image.

Double Sided Display

High impact display for high traffic areas – our chalk boards are guaranteed to grab the attention of passing customers.

Modern and innovative display

Self-adhesive and printable media bring on the freedom of creating a chalkboard or whiteboard on any surface. Clear laminates can be applied to any smooth, flat surface and make it suited to whiteboard markers.

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