Neon LED

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LED Neon Rope

An alternative to glass neon is Led Neon rope.
It’s modern, low consumption, fire rated, and safe to use.
It works with low voltage of 12 V or 24V, which makes it suitable to plug and play– no more hassle with electrical connection by an authorised electrician.

Modern Neon Sign

It’s never been easier and more affordable to create a bespoke piece for an upcoming event or build a thoughtful design to suit businesses and stakeholders.

Bespoke & Personalised Neon Signs

The LED neon rope becomes more and more popular within the business environment.
It can be used for so much more than “open signs”. Electrifying neon word lights feature in workspaces, yoga studios or barber shops. Neon art brightens coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and diners.

NLS _ LED illuminated sign use IMG_7441
Quirky neon wall _neon LED
NLS 01 use

Food trucks, pop-ups, boutiques, and entrepreneurial businesses catering to the Tik Tok generation, use hipster neon light signs to great effect.

A cool neon wall decoration makes an excellent backdrop for all those important “selfies”. Savvy start-ups and “in trend” marketing agencies know to use neon art and quirky signs to generate free advertising via social media.

Choose different fonts, shapes, and electric colours to brighten up your image and create brand awareness in an eco-friendly style.

Officeart offer a 24 months warranty on all our neon work