Backlit & Lightboxes

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Lightboxes are the mainstay of the exterior illuminated sign industry

They are by far the most cost-effective way to get visibility during the night and come in a wide range of sizes and formats to suit a myriad of applications. A vibrant, striking design is achieved with translucent computer cut decals or through translucent printed vinyl or backlit film. Backlit and front-lit illuminated signs can be installed under-verandah (Uvs), over the verandah or onto a plinth. Whether simple or double sided, light-boxes are frequently used as tavern signs, wall signage, rooftops or pole signs.

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Backlit logos and more

New technologies and innovations like LEDS and printing media have helped bring down running costs of illuminated signs

In addition, the use of LEDs allows for more freedom in design, both in terms of size options and level of illumination. Dimensional signage, with cut through letters and backlit light is an elegant option to promote your brand.

Thinking outside the box always pays off!

The designer came up with the clever idea of using light and print to hide a structural L-shaped column that interfered with the overall vibe. Our fabricator used an aluminium extrusion to fabricate a channel for the opalescent panel to sit in. Prior, the acrylic was overlayed with backlit print, while the column became a back tray to fit the neon light.