One of the latest projects completed by Officeart is the signage for Marlborough Apartments in Hobsonvile.

The main contractor, Kalmar Construction, invited our team to tender for signage. It was a lengthy process, the scope changed a couple of times, our qualifications and Sitewise green status were reviewed, and in December 2021, we were awarded the contract with a completion date of July 2022.

Our various skills in sign manufacturing design and project coordination through digital platforms came into play. We submitted shop drawings for the architect’s approval through Procore Construction Platform and Software and came up with manufacturing solutions. During the completion stage, our installer met on site with the architect to review the set-out of signage, and coordinate with the painters and Kalmar site managers to ensure all works were carried out in time.

Our work included stainless steel laser cut and powder coated letters, aluminium sign plates, apartment numbers, acrylics, and compliance signage such as: fire door signs, hydrants, and directionals.

All statutory signs were designed and manufactured to comply with NZBC section F8.

It was a rewarding project, and we’re now working with the Kalmar Construction team to complete the fitout of the Ovation Apartments in Hudson Bay.