Take your signage to new heights!

Risland Construction entrusted Officeart with a unique opportunity to promote their brand – a crane signage!

Our team installed the sign at Hercules Crane yard, and it can now be seen in Meadowbank area. Its height and prominence against the horizon make it easy to spot from afar.
As with all crane sigs, the project required special consideration when creating the artwork as it must be highly visible and clear from close-up and far away. We ensured that the logo had the correct font size, colour, and used contrast to make it easy to read, whether viewed from a distance or standing right below.

The shop drawings considered the selection of materials to ensure the signage is lightweight yet strong. We followed the engineering drawings supplied by the crane manufacturer and used lightweight composite boards, acrylic and aluminium.

This is illuminated with LED modules powered by Meanwell drivers, while the brightness can be adjusted through a dimmer.

The sign will be up at Risland Meadowbank construction site until early 2023 when it is going to be moved to another site.

Risland _crane sign02
Risland _crane sign1